Well it’s been over ten years…

8 03 2021

…since I posted in this shithole. I guess I haven’t had much to say.

Okay, this is the new way to blog.

27 12 2010

Doing it on my iPad, with the Apple wireless keyboard. This
is the way I will travel in future. Not take my MacBook, but take
the iPad instead. It does everything, it’s lighter, more compact,
and it has all of my movies on it, plus all of my music. So, if I
publish a poat then want to change or add to it, does it work as
simple as this?

Testing With The iPad

27 12 2010

This is a test to see how easy it is to post from the iPad using the WordPress App, and the Apple wireless keyboard.

How does it look?


20 11 2010

Yes, pissed.

You may think this is no big deal, but I disagree. You may think I am overreacting, but again, I disagree.

When someone does something “weapons grade” stupid, and it is bigoted, it deserves to get called out. Right? Right.

Okay, so you all know that HotBride owns and runs an inn in northern Michigan. It’s a great place, and she does an excellent job.

Now, there is a magazine up there called Grand Traverse Woman, which is devoted to…well, women. Here is what they say about themselves:

Grand Traverse Woman is the only magazine that serves women who live, work and play in Northern Michigan. Published by twin sisters, Kandace Chapple and Kerry Winkler, the magazine features articles on health, family, career, education and more. Every other month, 10,000+ copies are distributed woman-to-woman – you’ll find GTWoman at women’s organizations and clinics, ob/gyn and pediatrician offices, grocery stores, beauty salons and other locations in the five-county region. Anywhere women are!

Fair enough.

So HotBride purchased a listing in their 2011 GTWoman Guide, and asked me to send them her listing information along with a photograph. (I take care of all of her advertising.)

She really loves this photograph, as do I, so I sent it in with the listing information.

Here’s where I get pissed:

Hi, there!
Unfortunately since this is a ‘woman’ in business guide, we just need a picture of your wife : )
Can you resubmit a photo please?!
Thanks so much!

To which I replied:

Ummm…. You have to be shitting me.

That is not only sexist, but also totally discounts that women in business have partners that they love.

Just crop me out.

This was the reply:

I am so sorry you feel that way : ( We don’t mean any harm, but this has been our standing guideline since we started the business guide several years back. We strive to maintain our strong women’s niche that is important to our advertisers.
I for one am happy to hear that you are such a loving couple that work so well together!!
I will have the ad design team see if they can crop the picture for you.
Have a good night : )

Isn’t it cute that they “don’t mean any harm”? Isn’t it nice that they rationalize discrimination? Isn’t it great that they excuse themselves from being sexists?

I wonder if these same women believe that women should be allowed to play at Augusta National Golf Club. Or I wonder if they think women should be assigned to combat units in the Army.

As a society, why have we become comfortable with discrimination when it is directed at certain classes of people, or in this case against men?

Their policy is wrong. If you disagree with me, you’re wrong.


20 04 2010

What I am about to reveal is yet another fundamental difference between the sexes.

Women don’t know this, but men are not all that fond of hugging. Oh, the three second “Hi/Bye” hug is okay with us, but what women really want are the minimum twenty second “I just want to be held” hugs.

Men constantly forget that women like to be “held.” Instead, they give them the little quickie hug – it’s over so fast the woman wonders if that was an actual embrace, or an inadvertent collision. You see, guys respond to different stimuli – a firm punch in the arm, a solid slap on the back, or heck, even a pretend knee to the crotch, these are the things that guys understand and enjoy. They are endearments, exchanged amongst buddies.

Unfortunately these do not work at all well with women. Give a woman a noogie, whip around and fart, or stick a wet finger in her ear and you might just as well watch Sex in the City in bed, for all of the action you’re about to get.

Now men, if you are smart (like I am), heed these words, and focus your attention on how women want to be hugged. You can still catch the replay of that last homer if you just angle her around a little so that you line up the screen over her left shoulder. With your head next to hers she hasn’t a clue where you are looking. She probably thinks you have your eyes closed too, just like she does. Remember though, twenty seconds minimum, or she won’t consider it a hug.

And ladies, please don’t hold this against us. It’s not our fault. Our grandmothers and aunts nigh-on suffocated us when we were just boys, and we’re scarred for life.


30 03 2010

Contrast the events of this past week, with the “victim” game the liberals were playing after the health care vote.

On March 25, Rep. Eric Cantor’s (R-VA) campaign office was fired upon during the middle of the night.

He also received serious death threats against himself and his family from Norman Leboon, who is now in FBI custody. Leboon is an Obama donor, and has numerous hateful youtube videos to his credit.

On March 29, windows in the Republican Party offices in Howell, MI were smashed by a brick.

On February 12, college professor Amy Bishop killed three of her colleagues on the Huntsville campus of the University of Alabama. Ms. Bishop was an Obama supporter.

Last October, after writing his communist manifesto, registered democrat Joe Stack flew his private plane into the IRS offices in Austin Texas.

Last week, police in Ottawa had to cancel a speech scheduled that evening to be given by Ann Coulter at the University of Ottawa. Unruly students were beginning to get out of control in protest of a speech that hadn’t yet occurred. I’m going to go out on a limb and speculate that the students were of the liberal persuasion.

Of all of the allegations of anger and violence at Tea Party gathering, the only incident on record was the beating of Kenneth Gladney last summer – by SEIU union thugs. What was Gladney’s crime? Selling Don’t Tread On Me flags at the Party. Oh, did I mention that Gladney is black? Gladney is black.

And what about the New Black Panther Party thug wielding a night stick and intimidating voters on Election Day 2008 in Philadelphia. He probably isn’t your garden variety conservative.

Here’s one of my favorite buffoons suggesting Dick Cheney have his heart ripped out.

This has been all over the web, but I want it in my blog because it illustrates just how loony Ed is. I don’t know who Ed hires to do his show prep for him, but when your guests can come on and turn you in to a spittle flinging raving lunatic, I think it’s time you hired some competent people.

Sorry, I can’t figure out how to embed it. Just click here.

Ed, I hope you’ll come back this week and acknowledge that you were wrong and that Ernest Istook was correct. It happens on both sides. When are you going to publicly condemn the examples above?

PS: Andrew Breitbart has announced a reward of $10,000 for anyone who can come forward with video proof of just one instance of “nigger” being shouted last week at the Congressional Black Caucus stunt at the Capitol. So far – nothing.

Important Update! 04/01/2010
Andrew Breitbart has increased the amount of his reward to $100,000. The money is to be donated to the United Negro College Fund. Still no proof. (And no, this is not an April Fool’s joke.)

STARDATE 2010.27.03

27 03 2010

Health Care Reform – now the law of the land. The democrats are victorious. Why then, have they adopted the role of victim?

Rep. Bart Stupak (Welfare – MI-UP) led the charge. He got his fifteen minutes of fame when he pretended he would vote “no” on the bill. In the end, of course, he voted “yes,” just like we knew he would. He immediately ran for cover then began trotting out “threatening” phone calls, as though his life were in danger. Note to readers: can someone please get their hands on his voice-mail records when he was pretending to vote “no”?

Then we have that vile stunt from the Congressional Black Caucus – walking Selma-style through the Capitol spoiling (and praying) for an incident. Afterwards, they claimed fifteen shouts of “nigger.” One CBC member even claimed he was spat upon. Of course the media leapt on these stories and reported them as fact without any “fact-checking” – a little habit they’ve formed, particularly when it comes to democrats, and most particularly when it comes to this administration.

I watched the videos. There were countless people in the crowd filming. Heck, two of the CBC “victims” were continuously filming for themselves. To date, not one instance of “nigger” has surfaced, and the spitting incident turned out to be an impassioned protester obviously guilty of the fourth grade crime of “say it don’t spray it” – not spitting. One woman I was talking to recently claimed she could tell the crowd were racists because it “looked” like they could be yelling racist slurs.

Then we have the claim by Rep. Russ Carnahan (Clown-Missouri) of a coffin being left on his lawn, reported by the same old incurious media. But hey, what difference does it make that the coffin was used in a prayer vigil, on the sidewalk, not on his lawn, as a symbol for the abortions that these people believe the Health Care Bill will pay for? Whether they are correct or not, the fact is that the coffin wasn’t a symbol to incite violence against Carnahan. And what is Carnahan’s reaction to it all? He’s playing victim – using it as a vehicle to implore constituents to send him money. Poor Russ.

Here’s a well balanced example of calmness from a liberal:

No violent overtones there.

Here’s a bit of commentary from liberal Ed Schultz:

Ed wants full out socialism and restrictions on free speech. Funny thing is, Ed has a talk show of his own (about six people listen to it) and he even has a TV slot (that the same six people watch.) Essentially, he wants to destroy our form of government and abolish the First Amendment. Nothing to get worked up about there folks, but it’s Limbaugh and Beck’s fault for whipping people into a frenzy. Ed you’re too big to pull the victim card. Lose some weight and then we’ll talk.

Then there was the story of a rock being thrown through the window of Rep. Steve Driehaus’s (D-Ohio) Cincinnati office. Nevermind that it’s easily confirmed to be on the thirtieth floor of Carew Tower. As Glenn Reynolds said “…the Reds could use a guy with an arm like that.”

Here’s a gem left for Rep. Jean Schmidt (R-Ohio). Give the guy credit though, at least he knows how to pronounce Rep. John Boehner’s (R-Ohio) name, unlike Mike Malloy above who seems obsessed with Boehner’s junk. I suppose Malloy is also fascinated with the homosexual act of tea-bagging. (The audio is NSFW, so be careful clicking on it, or just read the transcript.)

Anyway, this is getting long, so I’ll wrap up.

Democrats won this battle. But in addition to playing victor they can’t help playing victim – it’s what they do best. It’s hard wired into their brain. It’s how they portray their constituents, and apparently now it’s how they intend to govern.


10 03 2010

I’m disgusted and appalled at what is going on in Washington D.C. with regard to the attempted takeover of health insurance by this President and his fellow thugs in the legislature. So many of the other blogs and news sources that I follow are doing such an excellent job of exposing the arrogance, hypocrisy and corruption of these liberals, that I can’t add much that hasn’t been said.

What I do find ironic though is Obama’s continual blaming of the Republicans – labeling them as obstructionists. Does he think that the American people are that stupid? (Actually, he probably does. They were certainly stupid enough to elect his empty resume on the basis of some feel good slogans in November, 2008.) But the fact is, that he began his reign with bullet-proof majorities in both houses of the legislature. He did not need a single Republican vote to move every little piece of socialist legislation in his evil little mind to his desk for his autograph. His own party members are the ONES who were not willing to die on his hill. He still doesn’t need a single Republican in the House, yet Nancy Pelosi thus far has been unable to deliver from her own caucus the votes needed to jam this shit sandwich down the throats of the American people.

Polls show that the majority of Americans do.not.want.this. And as Republican Scott Brown’s election in Massachusetts proved, they will make their will known. Brown won a seat that has been owned by the Kennedy family since 1953, notwithstanding the two years that Ben Smith kept the seat warm until Ted Kennedy turned thirty. The Swimmer then went on to hold that seat for a few months shy of 47 years. Brown flipped this seat because he vowed to vote no on health reform legislation thereby delivering the filibuster back to the Republicans.

What was the take from the left and the main stream media (…but I repeat myself) on this historic election? “The people are in an anti-incumbent sentiment.” Yeah, you just keep fucking that chicken all the way ’til November. The Democrats in the House and Senate are scared, and reasonably so. Polls show that district after district that Obama flipped to blue in November, 2008, have been flipped back to red.

There is already going to be a blood bath this November, and if the President and the Democrats break every rule and use every trick they can think of to thwart the will of the people, including reconciliation, and today’s latest threat to pass a rule allowing amendments to the Senate’s bill in the House without actually voting on it, the blood bath will become epic.


6 01 2010

The cynic in me can no longer take it. The misuse of our language, and the proliferation of syllables must stop. My rant follows:

My biggest annoyance: What is meant by the use of the prefix “pre” in so many instances? At the airport: “We will now begin the preboarding process.” What the fuck does this mean? Will we board before we board? And “process”? Why is everything today a process? Why don’t they say “We will now begin boarding.” Plain, simple, accurate, and four fewer syllables.

Preregistration. Yes, this is when you register before you register.

Prerequirements. Think about it. A prerequirement to entrance into college is a high school diploma. No. The requirement to entrance into college should be the ability to speak correctly.

Speaking of which, have you noticed how cops report events? They believe that the more syllables they use, the more officious they sound. “We apprehended the suspected perpetrator of the crime.” This is retarded. You caught a suspect. More time to listen to sports scores.

Weathercasters: “We will likely see more precipitation during the overnight.” The overnight?!!! What the hell is the overnight? When does it begin and when does it end? Why not just say: “It might rain tonight.”?

“It’s going to be partly sunny.” This may seem like splitting hairs but, excuse me, don’t they mean partly cloudy? The whole entire sun is there during the daytime. It is the clouds that will partially block it. Did these people go to school?

Funeral homes: “We offer preplanning services.” How do you preplan something? To plan means to have a strategy prior to an event. Preplanning equates to getting ready to plan. Makes no sense whatsoever, but they all do it.

Merge: this one is a bit different. It’s not misused so much as nobody knows what the fuck it means. When you are getting onto the expressway, you merge (blend yourself) into the traffic stream. This means you get up to speed and find a spot. It does not mean get her up to forty-five and force me out of the lane because you are too stupid to know how to drive.

Similarly, yield does not mean come to a stop. It means do not impede the cars that have the right-of-way. If there are no cars to impede, cruise on through.

You say you are an administrative assistant. I say you are a secretary. You say you are a sales associate. I say you are a clerk. You say that you are a custodial worker. I say you are a janitor. You say you are an auto technician. I say you are a mechanic. Know what I mean?

“There were myriads of choices.” Myriad is an adjective, it means countless or an infinite number. Therefore, there were myriad choices. Unfortunately, the choice you made in using it is the WRONG one.

“In regards to.” Wrong again. Regards are wishes. Drop the s.

Irregardless of the fact that many people say it, irregardless is not a word.

Penultimate. No, it doesn’t mean the best. It means next to last — like this paragraph, you moron.

So, in conclusion, think before you speak. Otherwise you may end up needing a teleprompter before anyone will take you seriously. Or yu mite get stuk in Irak, like Jon Carry warnded yu.


9 12 2009

Have you noticed how the word racist has come into frequent use these past…oh, say 18 months? No? Well, obviously not. You live in your mom’s basement and play WoW 24/7. Or you live in The Shire and you’re too busy trimming the hair between your toes.

But for the rest of us, if you’re a liberal, you’re using the word pretty frequently. Admit it. And if you’re a conservative? Well, you’re plain racist – just ask any liberal.

Here’s what the free dictionary on my computer says:
rac•ism |ˈrāˌsizəm|
the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, esp. so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.
• prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on such a belief : a program to combat racism.

That seems pretty cut and dried. If I am antagonistic towards you because of your race, then I am a racist. Right?

But what if I am antagonistic towards someone because I think he is wrong about the things he is doing that affect me and those that I care about? That would make me an opponent or a dissenter. Right?

Oh, but wait. These days if you oppose or dissent with Barack Obama, well… you’re a racist. You must be against him simply because he is black, and you’re a filthy racist. It couldn’t possibly because he is plain wrong about everything.

Anyway, as Frank J. at IMAO recently wrote – So how much more do we have to advance in race relations before America can elect its first competent black president?

What disturbs me the most about the left constantly calling dissent “racism” is that it now makes being called a racist laughable, and it is tragic since there are still some “real” racists in this society. Ironically, the vast majority of them appear to be on the left.

So, if the left are constantly calling those on the right racists, and the left are the real racists, then everyone is a racist. As I said in the title UR A RACIST.

This is an example of old-fashioned poor taste, but I’m not sure it is true racism. It is pretty stupid though.

This is an example of a racial epithet. Don’t do this.

This is really racist.

This is really, really racist.