STARDATE 2010.27.03

27 03 2010

Health Care Reform – now the law of the land. The democrats are victorious. Why then, have they adopted the role of victim?

Rep. Bart Stupak (Welfare – MI-UP) led the charge. He got his fifteen minutes of fame when he pretended he would vote “no” on the bill. In the end, of course, he voted “yes,” just like we knew he would. He immediately ran for cover then began trotting out “threatening” phone calls, as though his life were in danger. Note to readers: can someone please get their hands on his voice-mail records when he was pretending to vote “no”?

Then we have that vile stunt from the Congressional Black Caucus – walking Selma-style through the Capitol spoiling (and praying) for an incident. Afterwards, they claimed fifteen shouts of “nigger.” One CBC member even claimed he was spat upon. Of course the media leapt on these stories and reported them as fact without any “fact-checking” – a little habit they’ve formed, particularly when it comes to democrats, and most particularly when it comes to this administration.

I watched the videos. There were countless people in the crowd filming. Heck, two of the CBC “victims” were continuously filming for themselves. To date, not one instance of “nigger” has surfaced, and the spitting incident turned out to be an impassioned protester obviously guilty of the fourth grade crime of “say it don’t spray it” – not spitting. One woman I was talking to recently claimed she could tell the crowd were racists because it “looked” like they could be yelling racist slurs.

Then we have the claim by Rep. Russ Carnahan (Clown-Missouri) of a coffin being left on his lawn, reported by the same old incurious media. But hey, what difference does it make that the coffin was used in a prayer vigil, on the sidewalk, not on his lawn, as a symbol for the abortions that these people believe the Health Care Bill will pay for? Whether they are correct or not, the fact is that the coffin wasn’t a symbol to incite violence against Carnahan. And what is Carnahan’s reaction to it all? He’s playing victim – using it as a vehicle to implore constituents to send him money. Poor Russ.

Here’s a well balanced example of calmness from a liberal:

No violent overtones there.

Here’s a bit of commentary from liberal Ed Schultz:

Ed wants full out socialism and restrictions on free speech. Funny thing is, Ed has a talk show of his own (about six people listen to it) and he even has a TV slot (that the same six people watch.) Essentially, he wants to destroy our form of government and abolish the First Amendment. Nothing to get worked up about there folks, but it’s Limbaugh and Beck’s fault for whipping people into a frenzy. Ed you’re too big to pull the victim card. Lose some weight and then we’ll talk.

Then there was the story of a rock being thrown through the window of Rep. Steve Driehaus’s (D-Ohio) Cincinnati office. Nevermind that it’s easily confirmed to be on the thirtieth floor of Carew Tower. As Glenn Reynolds said “…the Reds could use a guy with an arm like that.”

Here’s a gem left for Rep. Jean Schmidt (R-Ohio). Give the guy credit though, at least he knows how to pronounce Rep. John Boehner’s (R-Ohio) name, unlike Mike Malloy above who seems obsessed with Boehner’s junk. I suppose Malloy is also fascinated with the homosexual act of tea-bagging. (The audio is NSFW, so be careful clicking on it, or just read the transcript.)

Anyway, this is getting long, so I’ll wrap up.

Democrats won this battle. But in addition to playing victor they can’t help playing victim – it’s what they do best. It’s hard wired into their brain. It’s how they portray their constituents, and apparently now it’s how they intend to govern.




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27 03 2010
Car in

They’ve assumed (re-assumed?) the role of victim because it’s the only way to get traction right now.

Tea Partiers HAVE to be racist haters. They. Have. To. Be.

They will do anything to propagate that belief. Lie. cheat.


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