20 11 2010

Yes, pissed.

You may think this is no big deal, but I disagree. You may think I am overreacting, but again, I disagree.

When someone does something “weapons grade” stupid, and it is bigoted, it deserves to get called out. Right? Right.

Okay, so you all know that HotBride owns and runs an inn in northern Michigan. It’s a great place, and she does an excellent job.

Now, there is a magazine up there called Grand Traverse Woman, which is devoted to…well, women. Here is what they say about themselves:

Grand Traverse Woman is the only magazine that serves women who live, work and play in Northern Michigan. Published by twin sisters, Kandace Chapple and Kerry Winkler, the magazine features articles on health, family, career, education and more. Every other month, 10,000+ copies are distributed woman-to-woman – you’ll find GTWoman at women’s organizations and clinics, ob/gyn and pediatrician offices, grocery stores, beauty salons and other locations in the five-county region. Anywhere women are!

Fair enough.

So HotBride purchased a listing in their 2011 GTWoman Guide, and asked me to send them her listing information along with a photograph. (I take care of all of her advertising.)

She really loves this photograph, as do I, so I sent it in with the listing information.

Here’s where I get pissed:

Hi, there!
Unfortunately since this is a ‘woman’ in business guide, we just need a picture of your wife : )
Can you resubmit a photo please?!
Thanks so much!

To which I replied:

Ummm…. You have to be shitting me.

That is not only sexist, but also totally discounts that women in business have partners that they love.

Just crop me out.

This was the reply:

I am so sorry you feel that way : ( We don’t mean any harm, but this has been our standing guideline since we started the business guide several years back. We strive to maintain our strong women’s niche that is important to our advertisers.
I for one am happy to hear that you are such a loving couple that work so well together!!
I will have the ad design team see if they can crop the picture for you.
Have a good night : )

Isn’t it cute that they “don’t mean any harm”? Isn’t it nice that they rationalize discrimination? Isn’t it great that they excuse themselves from being sexists?

I wonder if these same women believe that women should be allowed to play at Augusta National Golf Club. Or I wonder if they think women should be assigned to combat units in the Army.

As a society, why have we become comfortable with discrimination when it is directed at certain classes of people, or in this case against men?

Their policy is wrong. If you disagree with me, you’re wrong.




4 responses

20 11 2010
Car in

As a woman, I would be so offended if I bought a woman’s magazine and there were a picture of a man in it.


What if she were looking lovingly at a Male looking dyke? Haa haa haaa ….

10 12 2010

Can’t have any of those icky men in our Woman’s magazine, now can we?

9 10 2015
Renita Nunley-Ruiz

Creepy. That is seriously creepy. Christ. I seriously am not cut out for this this period.
Good for you for standing up to her.

9 10 2015
Renita Nunley-Ruiz

lol. This “time” period.
You get my drift. 🙂


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