10 03 2010

I’m disgusted and appalled at what is going on in Washington D.C. with regard to the attempted takeover of health insurance by this President and his fellow thugs in the legislature. So many of the other blogs and news sources that I follow are doing such an excellent job of exposing the arrogance, hypocrisy and corruption of these liberals, that I can’t add much that hasn’t been said.

What I do find ironic though is Obama’s continual blaming of the Republicans – labeling them as obstructionists. Does he think that the American people are that stupid? (Actually, he probably does. They were certainly stupid enough to elect his empty resume on the basis of some feel good slogans in November, 2008.) But the fact is, that he began his reign with bullet-proof majorities in both houses of the legislature. He did not need a single Republican vote to move every little piece of socialist legislation in his evil little mind to his desk for his autograph. His own party members are the ONES who were not willing to die on his hill. He still doesn’t need a single Republican in the House, yet Nancy Pelosi thus far has been unable to deliver from her own caucus the votes needed to jam this shit sandwich down the throats of the American people.

Polls show that the majority of Americans do.not.want.this. And as Republican Scott Brown’s election in Massachusetts proved, they will make their will known. Brown won a seat that has been owned by the Kennedy family since 1953, notwithstanding the two years that Ben Smith kept the seat warm until Ted Kennedy turned thirty. The Swimmer then went on to hold that seat for a few months shy of 47 years. Brown flipped this seat because he vowed to vote no on health reform legislation thereby delivering the filibuster back to the Republicans.

What was the take from the left and the main stream media (…but I repeat myself) on this historic election? “The people are in an anti-incumbent sentiment.” Yeah, you just keep fucking that chicken all the way ’til November. The Democrats in the House and Senate are scared, and reasonably so. Polls show that district after district that Obama flipped to blue in November, 2008, have been flipped back to red.

There is already going to be a blood bath this November, and if the President and the Democrats break every rule and use every trick they can think of to thwart the will of the people, including reconciliation, and today’s latest threat to pass a rule allowing amendments to the Senate’s bill in the House without actually voting on it, the blood bath will become epic.




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10 03 2010

I’m in.

22 03 2010
Car in

Drive to exempt Michigan from Health care bullshit.

22 03 2010
Car in

Oops. Wrong link. That’s the one Bob posted. Top story, at the link, on the right sidebar.

24 03 2010

They’re looking to elevate it from “epic” to “literal”.

5 02 2013

“NOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT Hotspur’s Blah Blah Blahg” was indeed a great post. If it had alot more images it might be even a lot better. Cya -Regan


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