Time Travel

13 11 2009

If you could go back three times in history where would you go?

Think about it.  We’ve all read Jules Verne, or at least seen the movie, along with loads of other stories along this line.  What would you choose?

For me the top spot on the list, no question about it, I don’t even need to give it a moment’s thought, would be January 16, 1938 at Carnegie Hall in New York —  the evening of the legendary Benny Goodman concert, referred to often as “the most historically significant concert in jazz history.”

I have owned this concert on vinyl (two LP set), cassette tape (two tape set), and CD.  I actually played the LPs so many times that I had to buy it again because I wore the first set out.  I have given the music as gifts to any friend who didn’t already own it or know about it.  Almost everybody then adopts it as one of their favorite recordings of all time.

Anybody that knows me, knows that if they come to my house for a party they are going to hear the music playing in the background at some point n the evening.  When “Sing, Sing, Sing” comes on at the end, they know I will turn it up and point out the very high “A” note followed by an almost inaudible high “C” played by Goodman on his clarinet — the crowd goes absolutely wild.  God, I just love even talking about it.

The next place I would go would the same year to Germany.  I would like to have a little chat with that Adolph Hitler fellow.  Enough said.

Third place would be October 21, 1805, near the City of Cadiz, Spain on the quarterdeck of HMS Victory –  namely Lord Nelson’s flagship which led the van of the weather column of Britain’s line of battle at the Battle of Trafalgar.  I would very much like to be there to hear Nelson tell Lieutenant Pasco to hoist signal flags proclaiming “England confides that every man will do his duty.”  Indeed they did, and Horatio Nelson gave his life to a chicken shit French Marine sniper in the rigging of the Redoubtable.  Pity.

Maybe some inauspicious dates to most of you, because I’m sure you have favorites of your own, but these are mine.  Wouldn’t it be just the cat’s ass if someone would make these into video games?





One response

13 11 2009

The only one of any wider historical significance would be July 16, 1969. I regret never seeing a Saturn V launch.


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